Yasmins Recipes

After years of daily cooking I have decided to put my recipes in one place.  Although I have been talking about this for a long time and perhaps was scared of what it involves.  In my mind I always thought, will I have time to talk about my delicious recipes but surprisingly enough once I started I couldn’t believe how simple it is.  Before I start I want to thank my younger sister for encouraging me and giving me this idea that I should share my knowledge of food with the World.  Thank you also to my children who are my inspiration.

We all love to eat.  We want recipes that don’t take too long to cook and are simple also easy to follow.  Why? Isn’t it obvious, we lead such busy lives.

Like all of us we learn from our parents and obviously I have from mine.  The food I will show you is derived from my family recipes.  I was born and brought up in East Africa before moving to the UK.  The majority of my recipes will be Indian but since I have spent most of my life in the UK I have written some English recipes too.  The benefits of living in a multi-cultural society are that you learn different styles of cooking, cultures and diets and you can adapt it to your own.

Some of my recipes will be gluten free and suitable specifically to those who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Why gluten free? My daughter is a coeliac. As well as this my son follows a dairy free diet so I have catered for the dairy free and vegetarian diet so keep an eye out for these.

Try out my recipes and let me know what you think. Come with me on this journey and let your taste buds live the adventure they have never come across before.

Nahida Yasmin Ghafoor